Why one gallon of Fun? Besides because we said so :)

Posted by Keith Noseworthy on

As much as I enjoy trying new beers, I really like making new beers. But I always wondered why you would want to only brew a 1-gallon batch. Brewing on a 15-gallon electric brewery (that I built) for the last 8 years. Experimenting with new recipes on this big brewery is a lot of work, especially when I do not know if I will even enjoy the taste. But I always had the thought of “go big or go home”. This past summer I brewed 2 different types of beers (blonde ale and pale ale) that really didn’t turn out well and unfortunately, I had to dump them. Nothing hurts more than seeing about 15 gallons of beer flowing down the drain along with the money spent on the grain. This made me think about the idea of trying new recipes using a one-gallon kit before scaling up to the 15 gallons. The 1-gallon kit is a simple, quick, and inexpensive way to brew beer and the best part is most of the equipment I already had in my kitchen. Now I can try a variety of recipes and scale up the recipes I enjoy and brew on the 15-gallon brewery. 

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  • I always brew small at first, this is sage advice!

    Jonathan K on

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