About Test

We're just two cool(we think), brothers living on opposite sides of the country with a fascination for doing things our way, better, or just plain different.

We are Keith and Kevin. Nice to meet you.

 Keith started making beer at 2am on a Saturday night many many moons ago with a bucket of spring water and a can of malt. It wasn't the best beer, but it wasn't the worst. And it was a taste of what it was like to really create something from scratch and have it work out.
Kevin started with a random conversation with a co-worker and did bulk orders from multiple web-sites and diving right in. Skipping a bunch of the basic lessons and making something quite not right.  
Years later we learned that both of us were making beer.....doh... but beyond that wine, yogurt, butter, cheese that was the beginning.  We have todo something. There is something empowering and prideful being able to rely on ourselves for our basic need.
Bringing the `DIY` brewery outside and neighbors ask what we're doing? Having them and friends over and sampling homemade beverages, breads, cheeses and yogurts all `Crafted` in the very kitchen it's being served.
`Crafting` your own products from scratch creates conversations, independence and community. It fun, creative, challenging, invigorating, rewarding. 
 Any questions, we are always here to help
Keith and Kevin