Wort Chiller Stainless Steel Tubing 25′ x 3/8 in. With Plastic Tubing

An affordable wort chiller made from 25′ of 3/8” Stainless Steel tubing. 8′ of vinyl tubing is attached to both the in and the out with a female garden hose fitting on the “water in” side. Use can use our CE20 hose thread adaptor to attach to your sink. Uprights are held together by a single hose clamp rather than welding/soldering. Note: The inner bend on the coils have small indentations that are a natural result of the winding process used during manufacturing. By enlarging the photos you can view. As a bonus these actually help turbinate the cooling water to eliminate laminar flow. Approx. 10″ diameter, 8″ to the top coil, 15″ to the bend to go over the lip of the kettle.
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