Root Beer 2oz bottle flavors 4 US gal (15.2L)

Rainbow Flavors has been making soda extracts for over 30 years. One 2 oz bottle (and 4 pounds of sugar) will make 4 gallons of soda using the traditional mix and carbonation method. The detailed instructions provided in the box explain how to carbonate the sodas using dry champagne yeast. If you carbonate with yeast, everyone (including Rainbow Flavors) warns against using glass bottles. There is a real risk that some may explode and cause personal injury. Use plastic PET bottles, like 2 Liter soda bottles. Another way to carbonate the sodas is to use a kegging system to inject carbonation. Their extracts are so good that many brewpubs across the country use their extracts in making their on-tap root beer and other sodas.
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