Dual Scale Refractometer w/ ATC & LED Light

This refractometer is used to measure the density of your beer or wine. Many brewers prefer to use this instead of a hydrometer because they find it quicker and easier to get an accurate reading. This model comes with ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) allowing you to use the refractometer in an ambient temperature range between 50 and 86°F. Since it only takes a drop or two to get a reading, even a sample taken from boiling wort will quickly cool to the temperature range of the refractometer. The LED light is a handy feature that helps illuminate the sample and make the scale easier to read. For Wine: Measure the brix level (sugar level) in your grapes with just one drop! The perfect vineyard tool for monitoring ripening grapes. We also use them after the crush to get an exact brix reading. They cannot be used after fermentation, without using our special calculator, because alcohol distorts the reading. For Beer Making: A refractometer allows you take instant gravity readings at any point during the boil, or even during the run off of the sparge during an all-grain brew. These 'during the process' readings allow you to add more water or boil longer so you can attain exactly the gravity you desire. This dual scale unit measures in specific gravity (in addition to Brix), which is the most common unit of measurement in homebrewing. Features: 0-30 Brix scale 0-1.120 Specific Gravity scale Metal body with rubber grip Adjustable focus eyepiece with rubber grip Automatic Temperature Compensation) LED illumination function Please Note: This tool is used to measure unfermented wort. Once alcohol is present, the use of a correction table is advised. Kegland Part Number: KL07344
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