Buon Vino Manufacturing

Buon Vino has long history of serving the needs of the home and small industrial wine makers. Original founder Fred (Onofrio) Tudisco began producing electric wine filters more than 40 years ago. His original designs were sold to small winemakers throughout southern Ontario, replacing the more conventional hand pumps and gravity –fed filtering systems of the time. Peter, Fred’s son joined the company in 1980 and soon began to expand the company, taking it outside of the Ontario boarders and across Canada and into the US market. Home wine making began evolving with higher quality juices and with the introduction of the “Wine Kit” which produced a good wine with easy to follow instructions. Peter recognised the need for a small cost effective wine filter to compliment this new trend in wine making. With the industry changing, Peter and Fred began working on developing the “Mini Jet”, a new and revolutionary compact wine filter, which was perfect for the new wine maker that produced wine from these “Kits”. The Mini Jet was soon added to the production along with the established Super Jet wine filter. When Anthony, Fred’s younger son joined Buon Vino in 1993, a new era in the company soon developed. With the purchase of plastic injection moulding machines, overseen by Anthony, the manufacturing sector of the company further expanded. More products were developed, redesigned and improved, as Buon Vino continuously strives to enhance the quality and ease of winemaking for the home winemaker. Fred always strived to improve the quality of home wine making through his ideas and has certainly left a legacy! Peter and Anthony have since been joined by Peter’s sons Michael and Christopher, making this the 3rd generation to produce quality products for the home wine making market. Continuing in there grandfathers footsteps, Mike and Chris are a great addition to the company and they hope to continue to diversify and serve the needs of their customers.

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